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Our team is filled with dedicated, motivated, aviation driven dreamers and flight simulator enthusiasts who spend countless hours training and preparing together before each and every show that we fly. We are always looking for potential future team members that are willing to take part in helping accomplish the mission and achieving the goal of a near-perfect performance every time. In able to be qualified for the team, we ask that you meet this list of requirements:

- Has past experience with flight simulators



- Has past experience with multiplayer formation flying



- Owns a joystick or HOTAS system of any type that is qualified to be used on flight simulators (console systems and mice of any type are NOT eligible for applications)


- Must live within the United States or Canada


- Must be able to speak English, write English, and understand English


- Must be committed to the organization and have personality traits that will benefit the team



- Must have:

     - Microphone & headset

     - Discord Installation

     - YSFlight Simulator v20120701 Installation

     - Decent internet/little to no lag connection

- Optional but very beneficial:

     - Leadership experience

     - Thunderbirds knowledge

     - Administrative experience

     - Graphic design experience

     - 3D Modeling experience


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